You take a step back as the figure is exposed. Standing before you is a young man in a blue jumpsuit, with a slender build hair?? He offers you his hand. "I'm Camille Bidan," he says, and you give your name in reply. "Are you hiding out from the zombie Jerids as well?" he asks, and you nod. He seems harmless enough, so you proceed to follow him as he explores the mall. You can't help staring at his blue hair as you walk, wondering how it got to be that color. Is it dyed, perhaps? Is it real? How could it be real? Blue isn't a real hair color...You are so caught up in your musing that you almost crash into him before you realize he's stopped in front of the video arcade, which is apparently still functioning for some reason. You are thrilled to be at the arcade, so you run inside and play video games for as long as you want. Camille has no money so he can't play, but he hangs out in there with you anyway because it's better than being alone with all the zombie Jerids banging on the doors.

Eventually, you get hungry and decide to trek across the mall to the food court to see if you can scrounge up something to eat. The two of you are in a mall intersection when you hear the doors rattle in the distance. Both of you freeze, waiting to see what will happen next. Will the rattling continue until the doors break? "We should stay close," Camille says. He takes a step toward you and puts an arm around you, drawing you against him...what happens next?

You treat him like he has the plague.
You end up making out with him.