It was not supposed to be like this. You were merely listening to the song "It's Raining Men" when it actually began to rain men - zombie Jerid Messas, to be exact. They decided to chase you. You tried to run to a bomb shelter, but the zombie Jerids gave chase and you didn't want to trap yourself inside a claustrophobic bomb shelter forever. At any rate, you come across an old shopping mall that had been built in the 80's and was recently abandoned. So you run in there through a side door that someone forgot to lock, and proceed to barricade all the doors.

Now you find yourself in a suburban relic, which is fast being surrounded by zombie Jerids. You move deeper into the mall and begin to explore. As you pass an empty storefront, you hear something clatter to the floor...are you really alone?

Yes, you're alone inside the abandoned mall.
No, there's somebody else in there with you.