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Hi! Katie here, otherwise known as moongirl, Sailor Europa, or katie5000. This page needs to be seriously overhauled.

My Web Empire
The Villains of Sailor Moon R -- My Sailor Moon site. I started this site on Homestead.com my sophomore year in high school, then had to move it when they started charging for service.
Kate's Speed Racer Site -- My Speed Racer site. He's been a fetish of mine since the 6th grade. ^_~
Android Kikaider: The Animation -- Some other website I threw together. This anime is really more like a 12-part miniseries. However, it's really good.

Other Stuff:

Mega Man Sprite Comics:
Why Protoman REALLY Left the Lab
Good or Evil?
Hollywood Squares

Anime character sprites I've Made

You Know You Love Pokemon Too Much When....

My "20 Minutes or Less" Series
Ronin Warriors
Mobile Suit Gundam

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