Japanese/English Episode Names

This is a neat page I decided to make over some really cool stuff I found on the internet one day.^_^

Displayed here are the Japanese equivalents of the American names of the characters and episodes of the 1967 "Speed Racer" series. The American names are listed next to the Japanese names for reference.

The Japanese episode titles are courtesy of The Big Cartoon Database.

American names are in yellow, while Japanese names are in cyan.

Character Names

SpritleKurio Mifune
Chim ChimSanpei
Mom RacerAya Mifune
Pops RacerDaisuke Mifune
Racer X (Rex Racer)Kenichi Mifune
Speed RacerGoh Mifune
TrixieMichi Shimura
Inspector DetectorDetective Rokugo

Episode Names

The Great PlanTake Flight! Mach
Challenge of the Masked RacerThe Riddle of the Masked Racer
The Secret EngineThe Mystery of the Classic Car
The Race Against the Mammoth CarThe Challenge of the Mammoth Car
The Most Dangerous RaceThe Car Acrobat Clan of Evil
Race For RevengeThe Revenge of Marengo
The Desperate Desert RaceThe Desert Race of Death
The Fire RaceInca Underground Race
The Girl DaredevilThe Hidden Treasure of Niagara
The Fastest Car on EarthRace Car of the Devil
The Mach 5 Vs. The Mach 5The Mach's Critical Moment
The Royal RacerThe Peewee Grand Prix
The Car HaterExtinguishing Speed!
The Race Against TimeCleopatra's Curse
The Snake TrackThe Arm of Gold
The Man On the LamThe Damsite Showdown
Gang of AssassinsHurricane! Ninja Car
The Race For LifeDuel of the Storm
The Supersonic CarSpeeding! Record Car
Crash In the JungleMystery Tank of the Jungle
The Terrifying GamblerHell's Calculated Evil
The Secret InvadersMysterious Intelligence Agent No. 9
The Man Behind the MaskFearful Bomb Car
The Car DestroyerThe Phantom Castle of Iron
The Desperate RacerPineapple Race
The Dangerous WitnessWitch Number 0
Race the Laser TankMurder Car V2
The Great Car Wrestling MatchCar Wrestler X
Motorcycle ApachesAttack of the Auto Apache
Car With A BrainRebirth of the Monster Car
Junk Car Grand PrixJunk Car Grand Prix
The Car In the SkyDesperate Balloon Escape
The Trick RaceCounterattack of the Acrobat Clan
Race Around the WorldThe Greatest Race In History