This is the Emerald/Esmerodo/whatever page. Emerald first appears a few episodes before the death of Rubeus, and it seems as though she's basically been sent by their superiors to tell him to hurry up and get his job done. Rubeus and Emerald don't seem to like each other very much; Emerald bears a condescending attitude towards Rubeus and taunts him, and Rubeus treats her with veiled contempt. Although she has been sent to tell Rubeus to "shape up", she doesn't really care if he does or not because if he fails in his job, then she gets his position. Emerald hopes for this because then it will give her the means to try and impress Prince Diamond, whom she is in love with. (Also, as someone with a crush on the de facto ruler of Nemesis, she realizes that were Diamond to notice her and make her his mistress or consort, it would put her in a relatively high position of power.)

After Rubeus dies and Emerald takes his place, she decides to accomplish his former task by having Sapphire make her these Emerald-shaped crystals that channel dark energy. To determine where to stick them, she uses one of her earrings to douse for a suitable spot with appropriate energy. Once found, she sticks the crystal in its place to collect and amplify the energy present there. She has droids to help her do her work; however, she is constantly foiled by Sailor Moon and the other senshi once they're on to what she's doing. In the end, Emerald doesn't end up capturing any of the five energy points in Tokyo before she is ordered to return to Diamond and the future for a change in plans.

Now, Prince Diamond is in love with the Neo-Queen Serentiy, whom he figures out is acutally Sailor Moon all grown up. Diamond decides to pursue Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, and Emerald thus becomes extremely jealous of Sailor Moon and begins to despise her for making the man that she loves fall in love with her--Sailor Moon has become a threat to the position of power that Emerald so desperately wants, by taking away the man that could get her there. The Wise Man preys upon Emerald's jealousy and lust for power when she gets furious enough to want to kill Sailor Moon and she goes to him to ask him for the means to do so. He cons her into thinking that she could in fact be Diamond's queen and she buys into it by putting on a tiara that the Wise Man gives to her. However, the tiara channels the power of the Black Crystal into her body and burns it up, since she isn't strong enough to handle it. Her jealous spirit then mannifests itself in the form of a dragon and attacks the Crystal Palace, but Tuxedo Doofus and Sailor Moon manage to defeat it. The dragon reveals itself to be Emerald and, as she spirals into oblivion, she calls out the name of the man she loves.

Emerald has two henchmen or manservants that perform tasks for her and do her bidding when needed. Their names are Chiral and Achiral (Doom and Gloom for NA). It is unclear (to me anyway) whether they're supposed to be highly perfected droids or simply men who are lesser members of the clan. They bear the inverted-crescent-moon symbol of the Black Moon clan on their foreheads and wear Black Crystal earrings; however, they are treated like droids in the one episode of the anime in which they do appear and they each wear a jewel on a necklace similar to the ones that the droids wore. I'm not sure what their role is in the SMR manga; perhaps it goes into more detail about them.

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