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The Zoycite and Emerald Hour
This is a series of little screenplay-type things that I wrote somewhere between 8th and 9th grade. Anyway, Zoycite and Emerald have somehow aquired their own talk show and interview different people from Sailor Moon. Notes: Yes, in the stories Zoycite is a woman, to go with Emerald being a woman. Also, at some points there is some rather risque behavior so beware of that. But anyway...

Zoi and Em 1
Zoi and Em 2
Zoi and Em 3
Zoi and Em 4
Pictures With Funny Captions
Funny Pictures. With captions. Coming very soon.

The Pictures
A Sailor Moon Quiz Section!
I wrote a quiz! It's insanely easy (well, it should be, at any rate....). I also plan to write a quote quiz in the near future sometime, but I've been kinda busy. Anyway....

Sailor Moon Quiz 1
You know you love Pokemon too much when...
This has NOTHING to do with Sailor Moon, but it's still pretty funny.