Speed Racer SNES Video Game Cheats!

These aren't really cheats, because they don't do anything to modify the game (like making Speed live forever or win all the races). They're passwords. But they do help you, in that they enable you to skip levels or races you don't want to compete in. These passwords are given at the end of the racing segments if you come in 3rd place or higher.

To get these to work, go to the password screen above (by selecting the "Password" option from the menu that comes up when the game first loads) and pick the appropriate letters/numbers that make up the password combination. Then play away!^_^

Here are the passwords:

  • W373W -- Nightboat to Cairo
  • 95?Y9 -- Streets of Cairo
  • TBL9T -- Temple of Kapetapeck (This level is a real PAIN!!)
  • PL39P -- Trans-Siberian Express Train
  • M7SVM -- Mount Doom (The ending to this level is kinda cheesy.)
There are also two other codes for the "Streets of Cairo" level:
  • CGDQC -- I think this is Cairo on hard mode or something. I don't remember what mode I was playing when I earned it.
  • CGDRC -- Play "Streets of Cairo" as Racer X (I discovered this by accident, when I was sticking in random letters to try to get out of the password screen.)

Here are some more codes that were sent to me by someone named Daniel <daniel791@sbcglobal.net>. These codes enable you to play some of the other levels as Racer X.

  • RCCRX -- The NY Grand Prix (race)
  • ZTB80 -- Nightboat to Cairo
  • Z?L40 -- Streets of Cairo
  • QQP5S -- Trans-Siberian Express Train
  • Q7Y1S -- Mount Doom
  • CJV?F -- Final Challenge (the last race)

Well, that's all for now. If you discover any more passwords, e-mail them or leave them in my guestbook and I'll post them as soon as possible.^_^