The Links Page!

These are links that lead to other SR stuff on the 'net. Most of these links go to sites pertaining to the 1967 series.

Fan Sites:
The Speed Racer Motor Company -- A site owned by a guy I know off the message board. Unfortunately, he just got canned for bandwidth pirating and stealing someone else's graphics.

The "Official" SRX Website -- These guys aren't really official.

Oriana's Speed Racer Site!

SR212787 -- An MSN newsgroup about SR, started by eperez.

Sparky's Home Page -- This guy is really funny. His site includes detailed episode summaries for '67 SR and '93 SR.

Trans Lux Television Presents... -- An excellent site with detailed episode summaries and lots of other goodies.

The Speed Zone -- This site's got a "You know you love SR too much when..." list, along with a bunch of other cool stuff.

Fan Fiction: -- There are some neat SR stories here. Look under "Anime" to get to them.

Other Sites: -- The official SR site. These guys have the one SR message board on the whole internet that everybody goes to. -- These guys sell a lot of great merchandise, including actual Mach 5's!

Wicked Cool Stuff -- This site sells tons of SR merchandise. They have pins, hats, even messenger bags. -- There is an SR game posted here called "The Great Plan", and it's really fun. :)