Hey, everybody! This is it! I finally cracked and made a site consolidating all my Speed Racer stuff!^_^ Yeah, so welcome to my site.

For those of you who are familiar with other SR things I've done, you'll find my fanfic and picture gallery are accessible from this site. You'll also find other stuff here that I've written, like "Speed Racer Episodes...That Never Made It," and my SR-themed mall directory.

I also now have a message board and chat room for fans to go to, and a Japanese/English name guide (not just for characters, but for episodes, too).

Oh, yes. My name is Kate. Some of you may know me by my alias on the SR message board (I'm moongirl).^_^

**July 21, 2009: I am the LAZIEST person on the planet. For the picture gallery, I just linked to the "Speed Racer" album on my photobucket account. Eh, it makes it a lot easier to manage all the pictures that way.

Main Stuff:
Picture Gallery
My SR Fanfic
SR Wiki - new
Message Board - new

Cool Stuff:
A Speed Racer Mall Directory
Speed Racer Episodes...That Never Made It
SR SNES Video Game Passwords!
SNES Video Game Walkthrough
Japanese/English Character and Episode Names
My Speed Racer AIM theme -- NEW

Other Stuff:
How did I get into Speed Racer, anyway?
Links to other sites

Just waiting for the last one...